Cobb County Veterinary Medical Association

  Congratulations! You have a new pet!

Your Next Steps Should Be

1) Make a veterinary appointment for health examination and follow-up treatments.

Please refer to the map (under Helpful Links tab above) showing veterinarians in your area who will perform the initial 50 % discount examination of your pet, if your pet has been adopted from the Cobb County Animal Control (CCAC).

 Follow-up Preventive Care by Your Veterinarian: 

  • Initial veterinary exam within 7 days of adoption
  • Suture removal 10 days after surgery (if applicable)
  •  De-worming 3 weeks after initial parasite treatment (if applicable)
  •  Vaccine boosters 3 weeks after initial vaccines (if applicable)
  •  Follow-up fecal testing
  • Flea/tick control 
  •  Follow-up Heartworm test and prescribed prevention

Depending on your new pet’s age and the treatments already provided by CCAC, follow-up treatments such as vaccines, de-worming, or tests may be recommended by your veterinarian. Please be aware that tests, vaccinations, de-worming, products, etc. will incur fees.

2) Register your pet’s microchip in your name.

3) Consider the following topics:

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is becoming popular with many pet owners to defray the medical costs of pet ownership. You never know when a serious illness or injury may occur, and insurance coverage might be the difference between a happy outcome and a sad ending.

For an overview of points to consider when shopping for insurance, visit


Basic Training

Training classes can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. A well-mannered dog is a happy dog. You will definitely need professional advice if your pet becomes destructive or exhibits nuisance behaviors like excessive barking, house soiling, destroying furnishings or aggression. Your veterinarian can suggest ways to prevent or stop these behaviors.

CCVMA Veterinarians in your area

click here for a map of the veterinarians in your free exam program:

Pet Care Costs  The ASPCA estimates minimum annual pet ownership costs as: Small dog $580 Medium dog $695 Large dog $875 Cat $670 For further information visit the ASPCA website at: